Rules & Prizes




Each upload up-to first 10 will get 20 cash prize

Top 5 winners other than first two will get gift vouchers

*The uploaded images should be original not downloaded one and no text on the pic.

Rules for this selfie-fever's participants.

  • The Picture should be clearly visible to the Jurie.
  • Every user can upload one images per fever with an account.
  • This fever is for 10 days time span. 08 days of uploading and two days of judgement
  • The topics of this selfie-fever is "Bhai Dooj Selfie"
  • This fever starts from 08/10/18 and ends on 18/11/18.
  • The uploading will stop on 18/11/18.
  • Each participant’s image jugged by jurie members. In case if no user will qualify, it may leads to dismiss the fever or at its sole discretion. .
  • Try not to upload abusive image/content.
  • In all the case site admin have right to announce the winner.
  • Prizes should be claimed within 15 days after you will receive our e-mail.

# Please add Paytm number while uploading the photo so we may transfer uploading reward fast.
# This competition is only in India for now but shortly we will try make it world wide in the mean time if you from outside India and want to participate(for no prize) or can vote your likable photos.