Rules & Prizes







First 10 unique users uploaded and approved images will get 25

Top 5 winners other than first three will get gift vouchers

Rules for this fever's participants

  • The images and text on images should be visible to the viewers.
  • Every user can upload two images per fever with an account.
  • This fever is for 30 days time span. 30 days for uploading and 15 days for getting the votes.
  • The topics of this fever month is "Swachh Bharat mission".
  • Type of text may be funny or tragedic or motivational.
  • This fever starts from 01/10/18 and ends on 30/10/18.
  • The voting will starts from 15/10/18 and ends on 30/10/18.
  • Each participant’s image need to have up-to 75 votes to qualify for rewards in above given time span. In case if no user will qualify, it may leads to dismiss the fever or at its sole discretion. There is no bar frequent Visitor and voters and eligible once get their rewards.
  • Try not upload image/content abusive.
  • In case of tie site admin have right to announce the winner.
  • Images viewed and shared outside the site will not be counted.
  • Prizes should be claimed within 30 days after you will receive our e-mail.

Rules for this fever's voters

  • Voter can vote directly after the registration/or without registration.
  • We will not count fake votes so, please do not waste your time instead of ask your friends to vote for you.


# In case of non-registered user, user may vote others.
# This competition is only in India for now but shortly we will try make it world wide in the mean time if you from outside India and want to participate(for no prize) or can vote your likable photos.